Contract law (Contracts, Terms creation) and contract review

Horak lawyers across the civil- versed and contract law. We are used to, to set us apart with the economic concerns of our clients, to translate these into customized formulations and appropriate contractual interest.

Of course we support the interests of our clients even after a legal dispute over the contract beyond the end. We put the needs of the clientele to be enforced by or. defend them against insolvency. Here, we do not content ourselves with routine measures. We help our clients with specialist knowledge in the field of law enforcement and the Insolvency Act to enforce his claims.

The Insurance Law (of insurance contract law, Building insurance, Household, Vehicle insurance, Travel Insurance, Liability Insurance, Transport Insurance, Legal expenses insurance, Life insurance, Disability insurance, Health insurance, Accident insurance)

lawyer specializing in insurance law

We know from our clients countless insurance forms. Advice and representation in legal matters relating to insurance, Forms of design or process is natural for us. We represented both insurance companies and insured.

This includes the general insurance contract law, Design and control of insurance terms, Insurance Supervision, Building insurance, Household, Fire insurance, Burglary Insurance, Vehicle insurance, Baggage insurance, Travel insurance , general liability insurance, private and corporate liability, Credit Insurance, Fidelity Insurance, Construction Insurance, Insurance product, Environmental liability insurance, Transport Insurance, Forwarding insurance law, Legal expenses insurance, Life insurance, Disability insurance, Health insurance, Accident insurance:

– Liability Insurance
– Disability insurance
– Property damage liability insurance
– Accident insurance (statutory and private)
– Building insurance (Fire damage, Water damage)
– Household (Fire damage, Water damage, Housebreaking, Vandalism)
– Health insurance (private and public CISO CISO and supplementary)
– Insurance (Cars, Theft, Fire damages, Vandalism)
– Marine hull
– Life insurance / pension (with Rüropversicherung, Direct insurance, Riester insurance, Pension)
– Operation contents insurance (Housebreaking, Fire damage)
– Business interruption insurance

Tenancy and lease rights

Rent- & lease legal issues we like to clarify. In this area we are advised, creatively and comprehensively worked with the help of German jurisdiction. A particular focus is the remit of the contract review and individual contractual relationship with Gewerbemietraum and problem solving in connection with lease or Mietkündigungen resolutions and their subsequent processing.

Real estate lawyer to help with real estate legal issues surrounding the Immobile

Lawyers horak stands for outstanding consulting around the property. Of course, we advise on real estate transactions, real estate financing, Project development and real estate in use. In particular, we characterized the combination of transaction know-how and expertise in real estate law. The purchase / sale, rent or rent, financing, planning and construction of building projects raise many legal and factual issues to, the legal advice in our experience can be crucial.

We help your real estate portfolio to new heights. Law and in fact.