Family Law – between marriage, Marriage settlement, Divorce and divorce agreement

Family Law

We ensure competent representation in divorce proceedings and ancillary matters in divorce (Maintenance, Custody, Balancing supply and matrimonial property disputes). Another focus of activity is the advice in advance of separation and divorce, and in this context the design of marriage contracts, Separation- and divorce agreements. From the initial consultation during the separation phase until completion of the divorce proceedings, the clients receive individual attention at every stage of this crisis situation and have in the office at any time for acute problems a contact.

Family law involves issues such as marriage contract, Non-marital cohabitation, Registered partnership, Kind, Divorce and Maintenance.

Marriage settlement

With a prenuptial agreement, the legal arrangements for the marriage can be modified individually. Through a marriage contract can tailored to each individual situation optimal basis for the marriage to be created. Since the individual situations of each pair are very different, there is no pattern of marriage contracts. A / E attorney / lawyer can draft a customized exactly to your marriage contract claims.

Non-marital cohabitation

The salient feature of the non-marital partnership is the legal non-binding. Unmarried couples may at any time be dissolved.

Registered partnership

To 1.8.2001 the Civil Partnership Act came into force. That § 1 LPartG adult persons of the same sex may establish a registered partnership.


Legitimate and illegitimate children born are treated by this Act. Both in the case of separation and divorce, it remains a basic scheme of joint parental custody, which can only be modified at the request.


The marriage is for life. The marriage may be dissolved by a court judgment design.