Another focus of our advice is the advice and representation of businesses and individuals in their personal financial matters. Die Übertragung von Vermögen auf die nächste Generation erfordert eine umsichtige und langfristige Planung, the economic, must take into account legal and tax issues as well as personal circumstances. Horak Attorneys this creates all necessary contracts and legal declarations as z. B. Wills, Marriage- and trusts, corporate law rules, Donation contracts and all configurations of inter vivos. Vor dem Hintergrund zunehmender staatlicher Wertschöpfung für den Erbfall berücksichtigen wir gesellschafts- and tax aspects. In the private sector are due to changed family circumstances (non-marital partners, Remarriage, etc.), not (more) comply with the legislative model of the ideal family, develop differentiated solutions inheritance.

The inheritance includes the legal standards on the transfer of the assets of a person at death to one or more other persons. Jede Person hat das Grundrecht zu vererben, So to regulate disposal of the property or other rights can sell; towards the entrance of his own death. Beneficiaries have the right to inherit.

The rules for inheritance of inheritance are, zum Testament, made compulsory part of the legacy and the. It also deals with the disinheritance and death duties and the cost of Notaries, Lawyers or the court.


Has written a will the testator, The statutory succession. This is regulated in the Law, which states, that the deceased is inherited by his relatives.

Closer relatives such as e.g.. Children and grandchildren close relatives further away such as. Nephews or nieces of the succession of. The statutory law of succession of a potential spouse should be taken into account.


A discount without an heir, there are not, because the German law always takes death, the intestate succession, as long as the testator has erected no will and no other available.

If the heir to a childless couple, for example, go to the wife, so no will is required, as it will be the sole heir by intestate succession anyway. Erst wenn der Erblasser andere Ambitionen bei der Weitergabe des eigenen Vermögens hat, is a testament required.

In the following cases the succession should be governed by a Testament or a contract of inheritance:

  • The succession is to deviate from the statutory succession.
  • It is more than just a legal heir in question.
  • The transfer of the assets shall consist of social, wirtschaftlichen oder steuerlichen Gründen beeinflusst werden.
  • Potential changes in the genetic structure should be considered.

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