Insurance Law

We know from our clients countless insurance forms. Advice and representation in legal matters relating to insurance, Forms of design or process is natural for us. We represented both insurance companies and insured.

This includes the general insurance contract law, Design and control of insurance terms, Insurance Supervision, Building insurance, Household, Fire insurance, Burglary Insurance, Vehicle insurance, Baggage insurance, Travel insurance , general liability insurance, private and corporate liability, Credit Insurance, Fidelity Insurance, Construction Insurance, Insurance product, Environmental liability insurance, Transport Insurance, Forwarding insurance law, Legal expenses insurance, Life insurance, Disability insurance, Health insurance, Accident insurance:

- Liability Insurance – Disability insurance – Property damage liability insurance – Accident insurance (statutory and private) – Building insurance (Fire damage, Water damage) – Household (Fire damage, Water damage, Housebreaking, Vandalism) – Health insurance (private and public CISO CISO and supplementary) – Insurance (Cars, Theft, Fire damages, Vandalism) – Marine hull – Life insurance / pension (with Rüropversicherung, Direct insurance, Riester insurance, Pension) – Operation contents insurance (Housebreaking, Fire damage) – Business interruption insurance

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