Event right

Without a corresponding "event", an "event", an "Entertainment" there would not be many forms of recreation. We advise and represent Concert- and tour organizer, Guest performances, Artist Manager, Event Agencies, Artist, Entertainer, Tourism companies, Venues, Security companies, Individuals and media companies in the event legal / Events law. This includes the following topics:

Artist-Fee obligation of agencies, Guest performance- and Konzertdirektionen

Fees conflicts with GEMA, GVL and other societies

Contracts for the organizers and supporters (Organizer, Venues, Event Technology (Ton, Light, Stage etc.), Artist, Guest Agency, Restaurateurs, Hoteliers etc)

Official permits for performances by foreign artists in Germany

Sales tax exemption pursuant. § 4 No.. 20 a) and b) UStG, Application of the rule- and reduced VAT rate, Controllability of cross-border services, Limited tax liability

Labor Issues under the right event

Trademark, title protection law and competition issues in the context of the event right

Copyright issues

Customer protection and design protection in the agency business

Liability of organizers.

For the implementation of already smaller events will require a contract bundle; medium and large events require a large number of legal relationships and – at every live event – fastest response to unpredictable in a legally sound manner. We support not only all legal issues before an event; rather, we are also present on the occasion of your event, to unpredictable problem to solve cases immediately. All of our specialist lawyers for authors- and media law is also made in English, so that the communication in the international event right is ensured. Of course we are also after the event in the course of its run you you to.

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