Sports Law

The "Sports Law" is our passion, because the sport belongs to this. We offer legally secure solutions for athletes, Clubs, Organizers and associations and other institutions. We do not lose tactical questions or those of the economy that solutions from the field of consulting, but this rate with.

Of course, just needs the sport clear and transparent as well as binding, enforceable regulations. What we stand for.

In strictly legal terms, there is no other rights areas clearly definable field of sports law. This is also because, that different kinds of sports have produced very different national and international regulations, each of which is not equally applied to all parties. On the contrary. Moreover, in addition to the statutory provisions under which the respective sports formative institutions shall apply the relevant state law. Even criminal covers can include sports law in the light of alleged manipulation / doping.

We edit u.a in sports law. to the following key points:

legal advice and representation of athletes, Sports clubs, Sports organizers, Sports federations and league operators and corresponding design of all sports related contracts;

legal advice and representation in connection with sponsorship deals, Rights transfer contracts, Liga-statutee, Association- and association statutes, etc;

Preparation and audit of sports club statutes, Sports Federation statutes and statutes, Sponsorship agreements, Marketing agreements (all media), Sports rights contracts, Sports rights license agreements, Sports agency contracts, Sports promoters' contracts, Sports equipment contracts, Sports equipment contracts, Horses contracts etc;

legal advice and representation from player managers, Sport managers, Sports consultants, Sport marketers and sport sponsors;

legal advice and representation at national and international sports arbitration, and nationelen courts and club- or association dishes;

legal advice and representation in doping method, Association as well as criminal proceedings in cases of competition suspensions, Transfers etc..

in the light of personal commitment, we will provide consultancy in the field of Animal rights especially riding clubs, Equestrian Associations, Horse breeding and horse owners associations and private and professional riders and veterinarians (also in the case of horses and horse doping defects);

Sports legal advice in connection with up clubs, Design and modification of statutes, Outsourcing of commercial businesses, Sponsorship agreements and marketing agreements (also of television rights);

Prosecution of, Sports rights violations, Trademark infringement, Copyright Infringement, Violations of the right to informational self-determination, Rights violations in connection with the word- and photojournalism.

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