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IT Law

IT Law

What is IT Law?

"IT Law" summarizes all the characteristics of information technology. Areas of IT law are particular legal issues of the soft- and hardware, media, competition and on issues of Internet. The individual jurisdictions often overlap. We offer our clients an industry-specific IT, comprehensive legal advice in all legal matters arising in:

  • IT law (z.B. Project contracts, Software-/ Hardwarevertrieb, Licensing law, Maintenance / support contracts, Specification, Warranty and Liability)
  • Internet / Online Legal (z.B. Defense against warnings, Information requirements, Right of databases, Privacy law, Intellectual Property)
  • Media Law (z.B. Multimediaverträge, Manifestation Law, Pretty)
  • Competition Law (z.B. Warning of competitors, Advertising Law).

Why are we involved in IT-/TK-Recht?

We know the IT industry of our clients as well as by the special off- and training of our Lawyers. Thus, since we now have 16 Years active in the field of IT law Attorney Dipl.-Ing. Michael Horak graduated alongside his jurisprudential studies such electrical engineering with appropriate emphasis in the areas of information technology.

Of course we know the terminology and industry relationships. In addition, we are able in particular complicated technical issues as the other institutions of the justice prepare, that the actual technical problems can be recognized and honored accordingly. Accurate and fast we can tap into, what matters.

What services we offer?

The entire right of information technologies and telecommunications, including the message processing, Soft- and hardware technology and networks are our specialization. This includes in particular:

  • Project- and corporate support in all industry specific legal issues from the IT / telecoms market.
  • Contract preparation and testing
  • Contract enforcement
  • Defense of claims
  • Approval- and approval procedures
  • Domain Name Dispute Resolution sowie allgemein Alternative Dispute Resolution, Arbitration- and arbitration.
  • Intellectual Property and other collateral of corporate values.

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