Theoretically, the transport law covers the following areas:the land freight law, the air cargo law, Railway freight law and inland waterway transport law, the forwarding law, the right of storage and logistics law, the Admiralty. Also include the Customs Law, insurance law and private international law, this. This includes the following legal issues:

  • Law of national and cross-border road transport, including the right of the general terms and conditions and marine insurance conditions
  • Law of national and cross-border transport to water, in the air and on the rail
  • Recht des Transports multimodalen
  • Legal transport of dangerous goods, including relevant criminal- and fines
  • Forwarding insurance law
  • Internationales Privatrecht
  • Customs law and customs clearance in cross-border traffic and transport taxes

In fact, the overall damage- and insurance law and contract drafting the practically important focus in the light of the above legal framework is. Because even due to the plethora of daily moving goods occurs almost constantly to claims in the. Due to the deadline contained in the transport law and shipping law as well as in the warehouse right- and procedural requirements, it is particularly important,early to lay the settlement of claims lawyer in your hands or – Legally validated – To have installed claims processing systems.

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