Privacy law

Privacy law

Due to the high, easy availability of data, their predictability and processing in databases or other computerized systems is a policy of the central facets of current and future legal realities represent.

The protection of data is not solely in orginären Privacy Legal, but also in many other areas of law, such as intellectual property law and copyright (unauthorized Down-/Uploads protected works, Database right), Application.

In addition to its general data protection law many domain-specific data protection provisions in other laws. These are the general rules of the respective national data protection laws and the Federal Data Protection Act (BDSG) ago ( § 1 Abs. 3 and 4 BDSG).

The state data protection laws apply to the processing of personal data by public authorities and other public bodies of the state and municipalities and their associations. The BDSG is at most subordinate in the public sector (subsidiary) Application, It is gilt es nur, far as data protection is not regulated to the same extent by a country's data protection law (then applies this). However: The BDSG and (a lot) special statutory provisions also apply to businesses.

For legal entities of public law, or is organizationally independent institutions, participating in the competition, for economic enterprises of municipalities and counties unincorporated (Eigenbetriebe) and for the purpose associations, perceive the predominantly economic tasks, and for public institutions, which are conducted according to the rules on own farms, are - with some exceptions specified in the law - the provisions of the Federal Data Protection Act for non-public bodies.

Privacy laws:

The following legal framework can u.a. be considered:

Privacy Legal advice:

As attorneys, we offer u.a. following data protection consulting services:

  • Privacy Legal designing business models in business and management, taking account of the personal data of customers and employees.
  • Information and representation to data protection authorities and resolution of data breaches.
  • Development practically feasible Privacy- und Compliance-Konzepte.
  • Provision of external data protection officer

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