Planning Permit

We advise and represent in the design of building contracts for clients, General Contractor, Project managers in the civil construction law to public law issues. This is done both during the construction phase as well as in the construction process, in arbitration- or arbitration proceedings.

The construction law includes the legal standards of construction. A distinction is made between private and public construction law.

  • Private construction regulate civil law, Real property and neighboring rights, Contracts for work to prepare and implement a construction project - such as architects contract, Building contract with contractors – and the laws of neighboring states
  • Public building law public law in question regulates construction projects. A distinction is made between planning law and building law.

In Planning law the standards development potential of land controlled. There are the rules of the Building Code.

In Bauordnungsrecht the standards, the detailed requirements for individual construction projects such as security- and controlled design rules.

In addition, the construction law includes rules on the right to cultivate a piece of land. Usage and measure are the key ingredients

Construction Law may result from following the Building Code of the following elements:

  • of a zoning plan,
  • insertion into the buildings around indoors or
  • various exemptions for construction projects outside .

Prerequisite for obtaining a building permit, the Building Law

Construction contract

A construction contract should be drawn up in writing. In addition, the contract should really come about, that is: legally speaking, is the conclusion of a contract offer an effective and efficient adoption of necessary. Clear in the contract arrangements should be made to the required decrease, which is carried out after the completion of the structure.


The law defines, that clarify the question first, the lack of contractual arrangements must be used. A structure is then deficient, when are contractually binding agreements about the nature, Grade or quality of product negatively building differs from the structure produced by the contractor.


To the right is one of the architects architectural contract, should include the fees and the liability of architects.