Contract law (Contracts, Terms creation) and contract review

Horak lawyers across the civil- versed and contract law. We are used to, to set us apart with the economic concerns of our clients, to translate these into customized formulations and appropriate contractual interest.

Of course we support the interests of our clients even after a legal dispute over the contract beyond the end. We put the needs of the clientele to be enforced by or. defend them against insolvency. Here, we do not content ourselves with routine measures. We help our clients with specialist knowledge in the field of law enforcement and the Insolvency Act to enforce his claims.

Energy Law

With the Act revising the energy industry, the energy market, the energy market are "liberalized". The incumbent supplier area are facing increasing competition exposed. New vendors and service providers regularly enter the energy market. Customers are universally courted. How should the customers fall before unimagined freedom. We assist companies in the energy sector in strategic alliances, Cooperation and start-ups. Transit projects are reviewed, enforced and blocked. Business intentions are embedded in secure contracts and examines existing treaties and adjusted. Energy are special customers in commercial transactions with energy suppliers in contract negotiations, Contracts, Contract amendment, Support contract enforcement and contract termination. The solution of problems related to the power supply according to Renewable Energy Sources Act (EEG) or Combined Heat and Power Act (KWKG) part of our activity.