The lawyers are lawyers business lawyer Horak. This includes, on the one, that we are on the whole keyboard of the law with all its economic facets at home. Secondly, we have due to our experience in the broad field of Business law about a variety of industries- and expertise, which is also detected by a multi-skilling.

Of course, we advise SMEs, Corporations, Economic institutions and public corporations as well as individuals of different orders of magnitude in almost all areas of national and international business law. This is a good thing. However, we offer more. Our lawyers are specialized. You may already know us, because you have instructed us. You may know one of our attorneys also from scientific publications, our seminars or other appearances. If you first hear of us, we offer you, know a reliable lawyer Partners, helps to shape your success. Or are you interested because our profile for one of our priorities, Do you still need the consultant in your network.

We are service providers. Professional competence, sound education, continuous training and experience form our basis. Specialization, branched industries- and expertise and creativity of our lawyers are individually distinctive features of the consultation to enforce your claims. Early legal advice allows you to legally safe activities. We complement each other and we have a target: Your Success. They have plans or ideas and looking for a reliable partner for the implementation? Describe your question, and we will provide your personal contact. Of course, your contact is you actually "approachable" – the communication means you can choose. Your lawyer is there for you and accompanies all necessary steps on the road to your success.

Your goal is our goal.

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