Medienberichtertstattungsrecht, Persöhnlichkeitsrecht, Freedom of expression and freedom of the press

Press Law

Medienberichtertstattungsrecht, Persöhnlichkeitsrecht, Freedom of expression and press freedom are important foundations of democracy and fundamental rights in terms of 3 in the latter type. 1, 2 and 5 Anchored GG.

But communication media has different sides. You can destroy the honor and reputation of a person unlawfully. As an untrue statement of fact, illegal or manipulated photo shoot or coverage of particular private spheres fundamental rights are violated.

In contrast, failure to, Reply, Pain and suffering, Indemnification, or – exceptionally – the revocation to be an effective means. However, negative reporting has not always legally geandet. Even successful processes can have negative consequences in light of their new visibility. We check the property- know and comprehensive legal and let tactical decision-making and planning elements of our experience. As a result, we offer far more than mere legal advice; it's about your success and your impeccable reputation. We support you in all types of proceedings, also to the Federal Constitutional Court or the European Court of Human Rights.

We also advise and represent some medium-press companies in all of the media questions- and Press.