Five things to do, can perform a good notary for you

Duties of a notary: BNotO

In § 14 BNotO (BNotO) the duties of a notary are well defined. A notary is an independent consultant in legal transactions of citizens. It provides security in stores, by educating the parties about the consequences and hinwirkt it, that the parties express their will clearly. For many legal transactions before a notary is mandatory. The profession of notary is not limited to the design and certification of contracts. The notary may also provide for the certification after completion of the relevant dispositions. His responsibilities also include the deposit any money hinterlegtem.


The notary also provides for obtaining necessary permits and the corresponding entries in registers as the land register and the commercial register. The most effective of the notary of his office will be able to exercise, when he is entrusted with that task early. It will then clarify the facts and the will of the person seeking advice and if necessary. explore its contractual partners. He is doing work towards a legally secure and balanced design of the Treaty, advise, teach about the legal implications and possible alternatives call. In this way, the interests of the weaker partner are respected. The notarial acts are still after a very long time testimony of the measures exhortations.
With a notarial deed If the parties can also submit to the enforcement in respect of claims, which are accessible and not an agreement relating to a living room or a tenancy aim at a declaration of intent.
Such records act insofar as a judgment, may be enforced as from them.

Marriage and Family

For the adoption Participate must go to a notary. Even the marriage contract or partnership agreement and the divorce agreement is received by the notary.

Real Estate

The notary will help you with the purchase of land and property, by performing the required for this certification. The order of mortgages and the delivery or the beneficial ownership in relation to real estate is his business, as well as the donation.

Inheritance and gift

At the notary's will and testamentary contract is created or. authenticated. Even with anticipated inheritance and gift agreements you need a notary. The notary is also responsible for the certificate of inheritance and estate distribution. Find out more Information on succession.


If you want to start a business or an existing Intend to restructure corporate law, if you want to transfer shares of your company, want to have a company entered in the Commercial Register or determine a business succession, the notary is your contact person.

Enduring powers of attorney

If you want to create a so-called living wills, in which it is set, be as in the case of your death to do with your body, or what you want in the event of a serious disease with loss of consciousness, You have to notarize it at the notary.
Likewise, your path leads you to the notary, if you want to create a Betreuungsverfügung, in which you specify, who will look after you in case of insanity.


To disputes with business- to avoid or spouses in case of divorce, about through a divorce agreement, the notary can help. Also, inheritance disputes can be settled in a notarial arbitration procedure. The difference in activity is exercised by the notary and in terms of enforceable documents from.

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