We advise and represent our clients in all employment matters. Help companies and entrepreneurs are also accompanied in labor law business days. Upon termination of employment- and service conditions, the firm manages the separation process. Of course, we advise businesses and individuals in the event of termination in accordance with the interests and clarify (z.B. Continued employment or severance) the legal claims and actual possibilities. In particular, the following employment matters are part of our labor: Contracts, Remuneration policy, Occupational Pensions. Of course, we assist our clients in layoffs, with plant closures or relocations. For negotiations with works councils and trade unions, we are on your side. Especially in the labor practical know-how is just as important, in our view, as the purely legal considerations.

Of course we offer our activities to workers. Whether the interpretation of contracts, Warnings, Contents of personnel files, Terminations or other interest perception we are on your side.

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